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Reference sources and further reading


Reference sources

Several websites offer much relevant content for regulators, including but not restricted to material related to consumer affairs. Those listed below both supplement the Digital Regulation Handbook and Platform and will keep readers updated on future developments.
Consumer International’s ”collection of digital policies and initiatives from different countries that aim to protect and empower consumers in the digital world.”
Latest publications from Consumers International. The list contained several substantial reports on consumer research and policy, largely related to the digital world.
Internet and Jurisdiction Policy Network Retrospect Database, goes back to 2012, searchable by topic and country (including 15 African countries).
The OECD series of papers on the digital economy. A growing number deal with aspects of digital consumer policy.
A large and still growing collection of tools and publications relating to digital transformation, including many topics relevant to consumers and citizens. The overall focus is more on economic and social policy than on regulation. Especially relevant is:

OECD Toolkit for Protecting Digital Consumers: A Resource for G20 Policy Makers
The International Institute of Communications, which targets ICT regulators with relevant news and opinion. Their quarterly journal Intermedia is especially useful.
A continuing series of publications on emerging issues in protecting individual consumers in the digital economy.

Further reading

This is a supplementary reading list for the Handbook chapter on “Consumer affairs.”

Consumer affairs chapter from OECD Latin America toolkit, includes many examples

Domain name issues concerning consumers

Example of an attempt to implement ethical business practice

Women online in Africa

Voice control – blog and report and

OECD Going Digital review of Colombia

Joint statements on respect for human rights online, supported by around 30 signatory countries

ITU report on Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities in the New ICT Ecosystem (see especially sections 2.6 on consumer privacy and 2.7 on consumer rights)

ITU-D Study Group 1 Question 6 output 2017, including many good practice examples

Last updated on: 19.01.2022
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