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Good practices in consumer support


Good practices in India

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The consumer support arrangements in India are extensive, varied by both sector and region, and provide an example of best practice. They are being continuously developed. As a huge country, selected parts of their arrangements may fit the needs of smaller countries.

The Department of Consumer Affairs’ portal website draws attention to alternative ways for consumers to get support. As well as browsing and registering on the website, they can:

One route through the portal is the Knowledge Base. This is presented via 31 FAQ links, labelled alphabetically from Aaadhar (India’s digital identity system), via Misleading Advertisements, to Water Sector. The following topics might be of particular interest to the digital consumer:

Each FAQ section leads on to more detailed information on the topic in question. Digital Payments also gets its own section on the overall home page, with links to different digital payment providers. Another route through the portal is via a page of “Important Links”, which are mainly sectoral regulators.

The main takeaways from this resource are the importance of:

Good practices in Malaysia

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Consumers of digital services in Malaysia have dedicated support from the Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum set up by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). This in turn leads on to the digital consumer information website,, a screenshot from which appears above.

The Consumer Forum itself has broader functions than consumer support. While supported by MCMC, it is a membership body with members from both the industry and consumer organizations, and its intentions include developing and administering self-regulatory codes of practice. However, it is already prominent in consumer education and complaints handling. It publishes a magazine containing readable articles on topical matters, and communicates using a range of social media. Its main publicity brochure is published in Malay, Chinese, and English versions.

The main takeaways from this resource are:

Good practices in Brazil

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The regulator in Brazil has a lively consumer-facing part of its website, from which the screenshot above is taken. The content is all in Portuguese. Points of note include:

Good practices in Ireland

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Comreg, the communications regulator in Ireland, has a dedicated consumer website. Highlighted content includes:

Last updated on: 19.01.2022
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