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A case for ICT Regulatory Sandbox
1. Introduction Digital innovations are conquering all fields of everyday life and business, faster than ever before. Similarly, digital innovators, researchers and digital developers are developing new technologies and business models and bringing them to market at a rapid pace. Policy makers and regulators need to not only keep abreast…
ICT Market analysis and determination of dominance guidelines
1 Market analysis process “Market analysis” means a review of the various existing markets for electronic communications services in a specific country, defined for the purposes of regulation. In an effectively competitive market, it is the dynamic interplay of several service providers that determines market outcomes, not individual competitors. In…
The infrastructure sharing imperative
1 Infrastructure as a societal asset People rely on network infrastructure almost every day, from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep (and often through the night as well). Water, electricity, gas, roads, rail and telecommunications underpin modern societies throughout the world. But for most…